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How Do I join?

Staffordshire Veteran Ladies Golf Association - SVLGA

The Staffordshire Veteran Ladies Golf Association originated in 1954. The association welcomes everyone who wishes to become a member of the SVLGA.

The SVLGA Committee is made up of officials from all different clubs, who undertake their roles in a voluntary capacity, ensuring the smooth running of the association. Job descriptions for the various roles can be found in the Vets Roles tab.

Each club in Staffordshire has their own Vets delegate who represents their club members, attending an annual delegates meeting (in February) and the AGM (in November), keeping their members updated with details of events, matches and changes within the association.

New Members

In order to join the Association you are required to fulfil the following criteria.

1) To have attained the age of 50 years.

2) To be a member of a recognised Staffordshire Club.

3) To have a handicap index of 28.4 or below

When a lady fulfils all of the 3 criteria above she shall be eligible to join the association, at any time during the year.

4) All new members MUST complete new members form which includes a Data Consent form (For GDPR). This is to be held by the delegate for each club, and forwarded to new delegates when the role changes hands.

5) Payment of annual subscription to be made to the treasurer, via their delegate, using Bank transfer (if possible).

How do I join?

If you wish to join the association speak to your clubs SVLGA delegate

Full rules are on the Vets Rules Tab.

Current Members

Current members may become Associate (non-playing) members of the association at any time, paying a reduced fee.

It is suggested that any playing member who may need to take some time out of golf, eg. medical reasons, becomes an associate member to hold their place in the association, otherwise they would need to fulfil the criteria above, to re-join, in the event of any break in the period of membership.

NOTE to delegates and members:

If any member is a member of 2 clubs, in separate counties, they must choose at the start of the season which association they intend to represent for matches.

This should be indicated on the new starter/renewal form each year in the field “Available for Matches” It is expected that if the field is ticked on the Staffordshire form that the individual will not compete in matches for any other county, in that season. However, these members are eligible to compete in the Vets competitions, even if they opt to play their matches for their other county.

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